What else, it’s a thought that is good enough to be lit by its own light bulb.

My format / business model

Start as a product, concept, idea & flush it out over time

There can be other posts, but maybe have it ordered like a book.

Splash page:

Tab - Idea: for initial thought, revision, thesis, hypothesis, tag line, mission statement

Tab - Design: initially some rough drawings. Maybe dimensions with a goal.Probably cad files as final for this

Tab - Marketing: Commericals, pictures of product.

Tab - Prototype: The first one built. What is going wrong. What is going right. …updates? What needs to be done to ‘mass’ produce this by me?

Movin' Right Along

...or at least that's what I'm trying to do.

post about trying to structure the site for publicizing. right now its a mish mosh of ideas that I've had, but it still isn't quite what I want it to be. This is where I'll elaborate on my plans to focus on Projects. Projects will essentially be my portfolio. There might be small posts for a concept (like car-boat-plane) that are a Project, but they could be mutli-page sections (like car-boat-plane). 

The future is bright!

I see a light at the end of the tunnel

You're going to order something from somewhere. It'll come from far away. It might be flat packed and assembled at home, so let me build it and ship it to you. All we need to figure out is what you want.

This is going to be a grid, design & build it yourself system. A lot like the pergola connectors _need_to_upload_pic_from_this_past_weekend, but you'll be able to build anything from a side table, to a desk, to bunk beds. You'll be able to build a cantilevered table like I built that sits next to Steph.

Garage Cart

Have a basic metal frame. Drill holes in perpendicular faces that go through the opposing side. Space the holes @ 3, or 4 inches and have them off by half on the perpendicular. Have chain & turn buckles to use as support from above and figure out support from below.

This can be used as a shelf system in the laundry room to support many shelves. See about separating the shelves according to the wall back to avoid the odd angle in the laundry room.