I want to see if this can be automatic, with a script. Until then, I hope I remember to add it whenever it applies.

My format / business model

Start as a product, concept, idea & flush it out over time

There can be other posts, but maybe have it ordered like a book.

Splash page:

Tab - Idea: for initial thought, revision, thesis, hypothesis, tag line, mission statement

Tab - Design: initially some rough drawings. Maybe dimensions with a goal.Probably cad files as final for this

Tab - Marketing: Commericals, pictures of product.

Tab - Prototype: The first one built. What is going wrong. What is going right. …updates? What needs to be done to ‘mass’ produce this by me?

Freedom and the future

Declaring independence and opting out to build a better future for all

Who do I vote for if I want the system turned off?

This is the question I’ve come up with after years of trying to figure out how to convince whoever I was talking to about minimizing the size, power, and authority of government. In the early years I was so naive to think that all I had to do was tell people how they were wrong, that I knew how to fix everything and all that people needed to do was listen to me. Don’t get me wrong, that’s still the case. When people don’t change tactics must.