You're going to order something from somewhere. It'll come from far away. It might be flat packed and assembled at home, so let me build it and ship it to you. All we need to figure out is what you want.

This is going to be a grid, design & build it yourself system. A lot like the pergola connectors _need_to_upload_pic_from_this_past_weekend, but you'll be able to build anything from a side table, to a desk, to bunk beds. You'll be able to build a cantilevered table like I built that sits next to Steph.

The current goal is to build a table that will replace the one Steph has next to her. Ideally, it will have a place to store her laptop. Maybe it can have an outlet that the couch plugs into. Long cord. 

It should assemble with the 'connectors' I build. Joins together with either 'plugs' like the 45^ sliding bar end, or the telescoping seat post that 'pinches' the tube together. Maybe have 'core' holes for added piece of mind. Maybe 'leveling nuts' for the last couple inches.

This is building a platform that anyone can use. Make it so a 2x4 can be inserted narrow and wide to 'build' platforms. The walls can be cheap, flimsy, and covered with stickers. Help people build custom boxes. Make sure to put them on wheels for easy maneuverability. Have 1x2 incorporation too.

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