Another Late Night Quicky

Don't I wish it was the other one

Right now I'm using my website as a sort of diary and note software that anyone can see. My last post was dinner instructions from my wife. It's not that I need to delete content. Who knows, maybe its kitschy?

I've been meaning to add some taxonomy terms to expand categorization of content. I've also been meaning to post my honey-done list. Not that I want to do that kind of work for other people, it's just that it will provide examples of quality of work.

Maintenance Update

Did you hear that? He's "gettin' there"

So, I still have the updated version of the site on one of my test subdomains. It looks good, but I'm also adding some functionality to the site. I think I might just make a copy of this to put in the other test subdomain so I don't need to worry about flubbing things up. 

Lots to do, with so little time. Not sure where to move forward, but progressing where I can when I can. Sometime it is welding, sometime it is typing things while I am waiting for a query to finish in my standard 8-5. Either way, it's moving forward an inch at a time, if I must. I must. 

Maintenance Start

Curious how long it'll take

I'm adding this content as a timestamp so I can track how long the update takes. 

I shouldn't add any content after this post until my update is done. Once that happens I'll create a 'Maintenance End' post.